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… a great personality with a gifted talent of making the impossible become possible, he starts when others have closed the door….


Bushan is a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales as well as the Practice Manager of Lambeth Solicitors and he has an established experience of managing Law Firms. He takes a leading role in the day to day affairs of the firm and ensures the efficient and structured running of Lambeth Solicitors Bushan specialises in Immigration and Asylum Law, Human Rights, Public and Administrative Law, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Family Law, Ancillary Relief and Financial Dispute Resolution matters and Advocacy.

Bushan is recommended by various businesses across the UK and known to be “ an expert in Immigration Law with impressive knowledge across the wider aspects of Immigration Law.

His knowledge and understanding of the Points Based System puts him in a remarkably significant position in the market. Bushan undertakes all types of work relating to the Immigration and Asylum Law.

  • Advocacy

In Court, Bushan is a very strategic advocate who grasps complex issues effectively and is thoroughly prepared. He has a reputation of handling large evidential cases with ease and presenting arguments methodically and robustly as well as responding with agility as the case progresses. He is often complimented for his candid advocacy skills in court.

  • Immigration and Asylum Tribunals

Bushan appears regularly at both the First Tier and Upper Tier of the Immigration Tribunal across England and Wales for appeals related work. He also conducts Bail hearings at various Courts and Detention centres across the England and Wales. Bushan maintains a very good success of winning complex immigration cases. He enjoys a good success on family cases of migrants involving children where the best interest and welfare of children is at stake.

Bushan attends to Judicial Reviews matter at the Upper Tribunal and the Administrative Court on a regular basis. In addition, Bushan is actively involved in Court of Appeal cases and some of the cases are reported in the UK Jurisprudence and relied in Court by other fellow Lawyers. He has successfully argued a number of Deportation Cases where immigration status or Indefinite Leave Status were revoked but successfully re-instated. Bushan is regularly instructed on removal cases at the airport or detention centres. His ability to grasp issues very quickly is an outstanding quality and he has always been commended for his honest advice to client. He has recently won a case in the Court of Appeal where a person naturalised as a British Citizen and had British children and wife was being deported after a long prison sentence. Bushan has also won a number of technical and contested Long Residence cases where there have been gaps in the lawful residence.

  • Civil Litigation  

Bushan also undertakes Civil Litigation work and he handles a broad range of litigation matters from the local County Court to High Court matters. He deals with money claims, contractual disputes, debt claims, boundary disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, eviction matters, injunctions and harassment claims. He also undertakes regulatory matters, defamation claims in the High Court.

  • Criminal Litigation

Bushan has a depth of knowledge and experience in Criminal Law dealing with the usual Road Traffic Offenses in the Magistrate Court to serious matters at the Crown Court including Fraud, Serious Offences against the person, Actual Bodily Harm, Grievous Bodily Harm Money Laundering, Trading standards and Counterfeit goods, Drugs related offences and just to name a few. He successfully defended his case against the OISC and was awarded substantial defence cost which attracted wide publicity locally and internationally.

  • Family Law

Bushan has good understanding and knowledge of Family Law and Children Law. He often appears in the family court for contested divorce, family ancillary relief and Financial Dispute Resolution matters. He also undertakes work regarding children, such as child contact and residence matters etc. Bushan has since 2016 started engaging with Court of Protection matters and currently dealing with a very complicated Court of Protection case for over one year.

  • Mauritian Law

Bushan with early days backgrounds from Mauritius is one of the rare Mauritian Solicitor to offer Mauritian Law Services in the UK without the need to be present in Mauritius. He has built a strong bridge between Mauritius and the UK to enable a solid service to his client who normally hire his services for land disputes, family property disputes, family matters such as marriage in Mauritius, divorces and child matters in Mauritius as well as other civil claims and matters.

His clients normally say, “ … a great personality with gifted talent making the impossible become possible, he starts when others have closed the door….

Bushan is fluent in English, French, Mauritian Creole and Hindi.

Bushan won the Mauritian Achievers Award in the professional in 2014 and 2016 and was nominated in 2013 and 2015.

Bushan also won the Extra Media award in 2015.